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          Latest news

          Ranked as No 1 in Australia!
          The School has again performed exceptionally well in the Shanghai AWRU subject rankings, recently announced on 26th June 2019. The rankings are: Civil Engineering = 9 in the World (1st...
          Peter_Balint50s_80s copy
          Vale founding academic Peter Stephen Balint 19.08.1921 – 23.12.2019
          UNSW’s world-renowned Water Research Centre takes a leadership stance on planning for the long-term management of water in NSW
          CVEN academics are key players in hosting International Satellite Positioning Conference at UNSW
          UNSW Water Research Centre Forum – Collective action needs to be taken to restore our damaged landscapes and build drought resilience in NSW
          UNSW CVEN PhD student Philippa Higgins has received a prestigious National Council of Women of NSW Australia Day Award

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          Sponge cities

          Transforming urban water cycle management

          Professor Chongmin Song

          An exciting research to provide the underpinning computational structural analysis needed to build a fully integrated virtual reality model

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          What greatness lies ahead of me in my engineering career

          Civil and Environmental Engineering’s outreach program for the Year 10 work experience week

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