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          Industry Advisory Committee

          CVEN ICC

          The UNSW Civil and Environmental Engineering School's?Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) comprises up to 18 members. These members represent a number of distinguished employer groups, a range of professional disciplines, graduates and staff from the School. ?The composition of the committee is reviewed from time to time and meets four times each year.

          The IAC's role is to advise the Head of School on industry views of the undergraduate and graduate programs and research directions for the School. Particular briefs may also be provided to the IAC at various times to address specific issues that arise in the School. The IAC may also raise issues that they would like to see investigated and provide some advice on these to the Head of School.?

          Industry Advisory Committee Working with CVEN UNSW

          IAC Committee Members

          Ian McIntyre, (Chair),?Director at Ian McIntyre & Associates Pty Ltd
          Deirdre Agnew, Student Careers Advisor
          Christine Atkins, Transport for NSW
          Laurie Foy, Consultant
          Dr James Glastonbury, Engineering Director, Engineering Excellence Group, Laing O’Rourke
          Andrew Johnson, Principal, ARUP
          Yasnna Blom, Director of Operations Water, Environment & Spatial, Jacobs
          Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Managing Director – Design, Innovation & Eminence, Aurecon
          Greg Bowyer, GHD
          Paul Plowman, General Manager, Liveable City Solutions - Sydney Water
          Iain Scoular, Senior Advisor, E3 Advisory
          Gareth Swarbrick, Principal, Pells Sullivan Meynink
          Narelle Underwood, NSW Surveyor-General
          Athena Venios, Director, Greater Sydney Project Office, RMS

          Professor Nasser Khalili, Acting Head of School, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UNSW
          Dr Kurt Douglas, Chair, External Relations Ctte, Civil & Environmental Engineering,?UNSW